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Security today is about more than just preventing intrusions. It's about tapping into innovations that work with your lifestyle to make security and home management easier.

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The IQ Panel

An all-in-one security platform

The Qolsys IQ Panel keeps you connected to your home and family and turns your mobile device into a powerful window that lets you stay in control no matter where you are. The IQ Solution is built on the Android platform and uses Alarm.com, the industry's most reliable, advanced and interactive security service platform.

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The IQ Panel connects you to your home and family. A 7" touchscreen built on the Android platform, the IQ Panel controls security, life safety, home automation, and more.

Allows access to hundreds of Apps. Android allows Qolsys to add new features and develop quickly (text to speech, additional languages, etc), keep it fresh and new. This is the foundation for Qolsys being able to update the software and add new 'Apps' over time. Always Flash Upgradeable via Wi-Fi, GSM, and SD card. Not open to Android market.

+ 7-inch touchscreen

  • Security
  • Home control
  • 4-day local weather forecast with severe weather alerts
  • Digital photo frame when idle capable of displaying family photos
  • Custom Dealer Portal Contact Screen with Message Center
  • Built in help videos for all customer inquiries
  • Multi-languages available: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese with more to come in the future...

+ On-board camera

  • Alarm Event - 4 minutes of streaming video - Stores last 5 alarm videos on the panel at a time
  • Panel Disarm - 20 disarm still Photos
  • Video Message Center - 5 streaming video messages
  • Displays last 20 Image Sensor Images from Camera App

+ 6 On-board radios

  • 319.5 Security Radio
  • Alarm.Com 3G Verizon CDMA
  • Z-Wave
  • Wi-Fi
  • Image Sensor
  • Blue Tooth

+ Built-in panel camera

+ Dedicated wireless connection

+ Dual communication path

  • GSM - Security Signals
  • WiFi - Built-in WiFi is primarily used for updates, but it does allow for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

+ SD Slot

  • Upgrade control
  • Load family photos on digital photo frame

+ Supports up to 27 Z-Wave devices

  • 2 - Door Locks
  • 5 - Thermostats
  • 10 - Smart Sockets
  • 10 - Light/Appliance Modules
  • The Liftmaster garage door opener runs on Wi-Fi and does not take up a Z-Wave zone

+ Fail-safe/recovery modes

+ Alert notifications

+ Crash-and-smash protection

+ Two-way voice capabilities

A Complete Line of Defense

The IQ Panel is security and home control ready and eDist carries the full line of Qolsys accessories including sensors, cameras, door locks, thermostats, outlets, switches, and more.

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