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eDist Security is the leading distributor of intrusion integration solutions because of our solid reputation as a team that partners with each installer, seller, and reseller who walks through our doors.

eDist Security goes the extra mile for you every step of the way, performing system design to find the right solution at the right value. We understand what you want and need, and work with vendors to take care of you. eDist Security has the top-quality products and services you need to grow your business in today's security market. We source leading-edge products and cultivate relationships with key manufacturers, making it easier for you to grow your business.

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Our Platinum Vendors

Our platinum vendors - Interlogix, DSC, Qolsys, Alula,, NAPCO Security Technologies, and 2GIG - are the top manufacturers and providers of intrusion products in the world.

Their reliable, sophisticated product lines addressing today's and tomorrow's needs are the result of continual research and development. We distribute 39 intrusion manufacturers and vendors to provide resellers with a range of customizable options.

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Join our dedicated team. eDist Security is here to take care of you. We understand what you want and need, and work with you and the vendor to find the right solution. eDist Security performs system design and emphasizes its attentive, low-pressure sales approach. For 45 years, eDist Security has established a proven track record for resellers and integrators with optimal results.

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"As an organization, we look forward to strong connections with our customers, limitless opportunities with our vendors, and expanding our role in the integration solutions market."

Senior Sales Director, Doug D'Angelo

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